Thank you for your card.  As many of you are aware Sabina had a rough few years.  However, the highlight of her day was when one of the Caregivers showed up to assist her.

Thank you again for all that was done for my aunt!


Again, thanks for all of your continued support in caring for Gladys – It means a lot to her son, Joe and to me – she’s always been like a big sister to me. Also, we could not do it without you – you are a great addition to the village.Judy, Lemont IL

This story formed a couple days ago in my mind, while I was thinking about the various help I can call upon for assistance, in living a normal as possible lifestyle; as I approach my 90th birthday, 10/31. I was thanking God for the keen mind I possess, although my body is “falling apart,” lol; and wonderful family He has given me; 6 children, 18 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren; all the result of Him allowing me to have lived 66 years with my wonderful wife. She suffered her last ten years with Alzheimer’s, before He decided to take her to Heaven. The children are a great help, but with families of their own, they cannot always be there when I need help. That is where you have been a great help.

With all this reminiscing going on in my mind, I just thought I would call you and thank you for helping make my lifestyle better. I would especially like to thank one in particular of your dedicated employees; that one is Maria. Another one would be Donna.

I spent my last thirty eight working years with Cadillac, and know the importance of excellence in a person performing their work; in this regard, Maria is a shining example. I NEVER have to repeat anything she does.

I have a beautiful bed coverlet that was a favorite of my wife, that has the beautiful inscription: “Sixty five red roses Collection”. It meant a lot to her in her final years; more or less an expression of: “I love you”. Maria ALWAYS spreads this out carefully and neatly. I could go on and on with other interesting stories about Maria, but with this carpal tunnel in my ten fingers, it slows typing considerably.

Hope to talk to you soon!Ron

I wanted to express my appreciation for the loving care your employees gave my mother, Louise. Lisa, Sabrina and Joann were always dependable, conscientious, patient, and caring. I always felt very confident about leaving Mom in their care. I always knew she would be well taken care of and her needs met with great kindness.Customer, Homer Glen IL

To Ross and Everyone Else,

I can’t thank you enough for your kind advice and your willingness to work with us as we were total greenhorns on the problems with my cousin Christine. The girls the you had staying with Christine were super- We can not say enough of good things about them. May God give all of you good health and a spot in Heaven.Customer, Lemont IL

Thank you for the kindness and excellent care to my mom!Customer, Homer Glen IL

Thanks to all of you for the love & care given to Eleanor in her last three weeks here on earth!
The family of Eleanor, Joliet IL

Thank you so much, my mom passed 6/1/13 – You have been a great help! Jasmine is wonderful, as your other staff who has helped us throughout the years as well.

Many Thanks!Kathy, Woodridge IL

Edward and Ross,

Thank you both so much for helping to give me my dad back and for giving him the passion to go on! When my dad went into the hospital this summer, I was terrified that I was going to lose him. He had lost his desire to live. The day that he was sent home from the hospital was so hard on both of us; we did not feel capable of managing the tasks of life. That day is firmly implanted in my brain. I remember the comfort and strength a felt from both of you. I was encouraged that there was hope that we could get through this. Thank You!!! Having Curin in our home with dad those three days put dad and I back on our feet. She was awesome!!! She helped dad physically to do so many things but more than that, she gave him the confidence that he could do it himself. Thank You!!!

Today, dad is moving a little slower, but he is doing the things he loves. Going to church and his bible study; making his daily trip to the local coffee house; and working on his hobby in his machine shop. He has his life back; he has his desire to live back. Thank You!!

Thanks So Much!Bob Morris, Orbis Architects, Inc.

To Ross,

A sincere thank you for all that you do for me by instilling a sense of relief & hopefulness. You’ve clarified a lot of areas which I find bewildering. I truly know I can count on you and your overall Christianity and concern for others. Please accept my complete gratuity.

May I also take this opportunity to compliment your staff – Dan and Ron – who have accommodated my every request in a most friendly, professional and soothing manner. I used you in the past and you personnel are the reason I readily returned.

I want to make a special comment about Ann. who embodies all you so in a single effortless persona. Her first visit took me to a doctor appointment at the last minute, no less. She projects you company’s values in everything she does. She has given so much to me, besides your values. She is someone I completely put my trust and faith into. Ann is remarkable, it’s important you are aware. Please express this to her.

Thank you!Karen, Mokena IL

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