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Questions to Ponder when Choosing a Care Giver

Choosing a Care Giver for yourself or a loved one is among the most important decisions ever. Arranging for in home care can be difficult; often families are reluctant to make a life altering decisions. It is vital that the right Care Giver is chosen for the job. Ask yourself the following questions and make an informed decision:

  1. What screening processes have been used to check the background of the Care Giver?
  2. Has the Care Giver been cleared through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)? (Finger printed?)
  3. Does the Care Giver have a valid Illinois Drivers License?
  4. Does the Care Giver have proof of valid Illinois liability car insurance?
  5. Does the Care Giver have any DUI, misdemeanor, and / or felony convictions?
  6. Is the Care Giver a Unites States citizen or proof of eligibility to work in the USA?
  7. Does the Care Giver speak, read, write, and comprehend English?
  8. Is the Care Giver bonded and insured?
  9. Is the Care Giver covered by liability insurance?
  10. If not, does the client have enough liability insurance to cover the Care Giver in case of accident?
  11. Can the client withhold, file, and remit federal income taxes, state income taxes, and all Social Security taxes?
  12. Is there an ongoing training program available for Care Givers?
  13. Is there a supervisor overseeing the Care Givers work?
  14. Is there a registered nurse overseeing all clinical aspects of the Care Givers and Supervisors duties?
  15. Is there a quality control program in place?
  16. Does the agency have a license issued by the State of Illinois to conduct business?
  17. Is the agency licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)?
  18. Is the same Care Giver sent to the same person to the extent possible?
  19. Are Care Givers personally introduced to the client on the first visit by agency personnel
  20. Is there a free evaluation of services completed in the place of residence?
  21. If a Care Giver calls the agency to say that he / she is unable to work that day, does the agency supply another Care Giver to fill the gap?
  22. Are there daily records kept?
  23. Is the owner of the agency personally involved in daily operations?
  24. Can someone from the agency be reached twenty – four (24) hours per day to answer questions and / or concerns?

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