Welcome to Home Helpers Travel Companions!

  • Have you or a loved one ever wanted to travel but were unsure of how to navigate airports, train stations, bus depots or car routes?
  • Requesting time off from work or using vacation time to take care of someone is not always an option
  • Travel can be intimidating for even the seasoned traveler
  • Let us help take the worry away so you can have a relaxed and safe journey.
  • Our Certified Travel Companions will do all the work
  • From purchasing tickets, planning routes, transport and arrival, we can do it all
  • Wheel chairs, oxygen, and special needs can be arranged
  • The journey can start at your front door and end at the prearranged destination; or we can reverse that process and pick up in another state and return home
  • When it is time to return, our Certified Travel Companion will be there to ensure safe arrival at home
  • Don’t put off attending weddings, parties, or getting away from frigid temperatures and snow
  • One way or round trip, we have you covered
  • Call the experts. Call us today
  • When you think of travel, think of our Travel Companions

Certified Care Giver Travel Companions

  • Pick Up anywhere in the U.S
  • Drop off anywhere in the U. S.
  • Safe travel for you or a loved one
  • Elder and / or disabled safe travel
  • Medically safe travel
  • Certified, Licensed, and Bonded

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